For Sale by Procyon: Cazeneuve / HBX 360-BC
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Cazeneuve / HBX 360-BC

Product Number9
ModelHBX 360-BC
Producttoolroom lathe
DescriptionCazeneuve HBX 360 with starwheel tailstock

Cazeneuve HBX 360-BC lathe. Includes steadyrest, 3 jaw chuck, operations/parts/electrical schematics manual and Aloris toolpost (yes, real Aloris). Inch scales. 230 volts, 3 phase.

Lathe is basically in good shape. Backlash in cross slide is only .003" and compound .012". Runs great, everything least everything did work until the motor shorted out ! (Email me if you are curious how that happened...too much to type)

Note also the rear inverted V has two places that were ground out near the headstock. (You may only see one in the photo as the other is filled with Labmetal) This is the way for the tailstock...the carriage does not touch this does not effect accuracy whatsoever, just looks annoying. Also the vari speed leaks oil. So, seeing as it may need a new motor would be tempting to just do away with the vari speed and install a Baldor motor and VFD for drive. You would also need an oil pump but as this machine was set up to receive a hydraulic tracer it already has an oil pump/motor in the base that could be used for that. Having said all that I don't know for sure the motor is shorted out but worse case senario you should assume it is. Also note the top plastic tray is missing and has a piece of sheet metal at the moment. The starwheel tailstock is missing the bar for power feed but otherwise works great in both speeds.

So, there are plenty of issues but the basic machine as far as spindle bearings, ways, apron mechanisms for feed and threading are all in very good to excellent condition and I'm setting the opening bid for what the starwheel tailstock and steady rest are worth by themselves !

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