For Sale by Procyon: Mitsui Seiki / 4B
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Mitsui Seiki / 4B

Product Number6
ManufacturerMitsui Seiki
Productjib borer
DescriptionMitsui Seiki 4B jig borer/mill

Mitsui Seiki 4B jig borer and mill. Although far as I know the one was used for drilling and boring only, unlike most jig borers, this one is made to mill fact Mitsui Seiki shows various milling cutters for the machine in their catalog. Uses no. 3 MT tooling with threaded drawbar. Excellent cond, original paint, 230 volts 3 phase. Equipped with glass scales for 3 axis only the quill has a working DRO. (curiously, the X and Y scales are Sony) Complete with operations manual but no tooling.

The 4B is in our new warehouse in Ridgeland, SC if you want to inspect it under power.

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