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WaytrainLX-250NCSaw2012 - Waytrain LX-250 automatic bandsaw$16,500
JETAB-1012W saw2011 - Jet AB-1012W CNC automatic bandsaw, almost new. $17,500
NachiSC50Frobot2000 - Nachi SC50F robot w/ modern AW control. $8,750
MyfordMG12-HPMcylindrical grinder1999 - SOLD$38,500
ElbMicro-Cut 6Creep feedSOLD - $35,000
SunnenMB-1660 and cabinethone2004 - SOLD$9,500
CompAirL11-7.5rotary air compressor2002 - Compair 11 hp rotary air compressor - Low hours$3,650
MikronType A21/2gear hobbing machine1986 - Mikron A21/2 Gear Hob - Late and clean, with change gears and hobs$23,500
Mikronvariousmisc change gears, gear hobsvarious - Change gears. hobs and accessories for Mikron$with Mikron
DaewooPuma 230MBCNC turning center2002 - Daewoo turning center w/ live tool turret - Like new !$58,500

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